We believe in the essence of ideas, expressed with elegance and aimed at maximum effectiveness.
We pursue a minimal approach to all projects.
We love the essential. Identify the elements that make the difference and reduce everything that can be reduced.
We feel as if having never arrived, but of always being on the go, and continuously in search of perfection without compromise.
With Lucia and Marco at its centre, we involve handpicked creative collaborators for each project to ensure the best results.

Motion Design

Lucia Domenici is a Creative Director living in London, specialising in branding, UX and communication strategy. After many years of experience as a Graphic Designer in corporate identity, she went on to work at TV RAI (a national TV broadcaster) for 7 years. Since 2012 she has worked in a number of digital communication agencies, at Art Director and Creative Director level, directing digital marketing projects, campaigns, branding, designing and managing the UX and UI.


Marco Grandinetti is a motion designer living in London with professional experience in video post-production and animation.
Since 2001 he has been working across a variety of media: designing, animating and compositing for ads, promos, broadcast, animated film, movie titles, versioning, live events, corporate and online video content and he has experience in UX/UI animation.