Consumer lifetime value.

Every moment can be an opportunity for contamination for the purchase. The change in buying behaviour, suggests an opportunity to develop a different relationship with customers based on a contextual experience. The continuous interaction with clients at every stage of their life cycle develops advanced profiling for each customer. The analysis of the purchases and habits allows to suggest products of interest and to propose dedicated and exclusive offers.

Mobility Loyalty develops a bi-directional relationship between retailer and consumer. Customer needs can be identified easily and their purchase habits analysed. The retailer can check real-time effectiveness of interactions set in the customer journey through the Analyze module and verify the response of the cluster through stream segment. The behavioural data can be used to develop co-marketing actions focused on the right customer segments, ensuring greater success.
Enhancing the in-store experience satisfies the customer and may increase the average transaction value.® allows retailers to improve their customers’ in-store experience through the distribution of personalised content while shopping. This technology recognises customers when they visit a store so that retailers can automatically deliver them relevant content via mobile phone and wearable.